Cecilian Partners Acquires BrightDoor

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NEW HOPE, Pa. (October 6, 2021) – With an overarching strategy to simplify community development and find ways to improve the customer experience for prospective buyers, developers, and builders, Cecilian Partners today announced the acquisition of BrightDoor, a 17-year industry leader in real estate customer relationship management (CRM) software. The marriage of the two organizations will result in the delivery of innovative property technology that streamlines information access, communication, human touchpoints, and advanced reporting and analytics. 

“The future of real estate is digital as evidenced by the extreme pivots made across the industry in the last year alone,” said Cecilian Partners CEO John Cecilian, Jr. “Homebuilders and developers have been mitigating a variety of business challenges and we are desperate to ease their pain points, advance projects more efficiently, and maintain thoughtful dialogue with all their stakeholders. The acquisition of BrightDoor is a unique opportunity for Cecilian Partners to bring together smart cross-industry thinking, deep real estate expertise, and technology to enhance the customer experience for the potential homebuyer.”

Co-founded in 2019 by John Cecilian, Jr. and Philip Worland, Cecilian Partners is a growth-stage technology company focused on customer experience transformation across the real estate industry. The company provides innovative and interactive customer experience solutions that manage lots and builder inventory with detailed data-driven consumer analytics long desired by master plan community developers and homebuilders, all backed by a team focused on service and training. Cecilian Partners’ flagship software platform, dubbed ‘The XO’ (customer experience meets operations data), transforms how community developers and builder partners work together, and how customers experience the home buying process.       

“BrightDoor’s longevity and high-profile reputation was earned by our continued emphasis on people over product,” said BrightDoor Co-Founder Michael Worthington. “Cecilian Partners and BrightDoor share the same philosophy and have discovered several ways to naturally evolve our software expertise to enhance the digital experience for all involved in real estate development. We imagine a future that is centered on the experience but leverages the results of those experiences to further push the envelope.” 

“Human-centered thinking combined with emerging PropTech has enabled our team to deliver a radically different experience that is more optimal for developers, builders, and buyers,” added Cecilian. “We aim to bridge the digital divide and make every touchpoint in the real estate journey opportunistic—whether that is defined by visual appeal, remote access, ongoing communication, or cool factor. BrightDoor’s legacy experience will add tremendous value as we navigate the digital possibility for real estate. The world of real estate technology is changing rapidly, and we intend to play a strategic role in that change.”

For more information, visit https://cecilianpartners.com/ or join the conversation on LinkedIn. To learn more about The XO, visit https://cecilianpartners.com/the-xo/

About Cecilian Partners

Founded in 2019, Cecilian Partners develops innovative real estate property technology that bridges the digital divide between homebuilders, community developers and homebuyers. The company, which places significant value on people over product, delivers enhanced customer experience solutions that transform the buyer’s journey for homebuyers, while also solving access and communication challenges faced by developers and builders. 

In 2021, the company acquired BrightDoor, a leading real estate CRM, sales, and marketing solutions company that, like Cecilian Partners, is riveted on customer experience and customer service. Cecilian Partners collaborates with a vast stable of local, regional, and nationwide builders and developers who aspire to modernize their digital footprint and ease everyday pain points associated with community development. For more information, visit www.cecilianpartners.com.