Immersive Real Estate Mapping Software

  • Interactive Maps.
  • Points of Interest.
  • 3D Buildings & Assets.
  • Photos & Rich Media.

Real Estate Mapping

Interactive Real Estate Maps. Near Infinite Customizations.

The Xplorer map offers an incredibly effective medium to connect with your best customers. Whether you’re promoting new home sales within a smaller development or a multi-zoned master-planned community, our maps can be custom-tailored to meet your specific marketing needs.

By developing our mapping technology through one of the richest and most flexible GIS platforms, the Xplorer boasts near-infinite customization options. We will design your real estate map according to your brand specifications and guidelines. You can choose your desired amenities, points-of-interests, colors, shapes, branding, and we will take care of the rest.

Interactive Real Estate Map

Incorporate Points of Interest to Deliver an Engaging, Immersive, and Interactive Experience.

Consumers need a sense of “place” – and Xplorer is the most interactive, immersive real estate mapping experience available. It enables your customers to understand, visualize, and get excited about a community – whether it’s fully built or in its earliest phases of construction.

The Xplorer map has the power to captivate your audience. With its many advanced features at your fingertips, you can tell your story with interactive photo galleries, videos, and virtual tours of the homes, amenities, and significant points of interest within your community. Moreover, you can host and integrate Xplorer with any website platform and CRM system. Once your onboarding is complete, your real estate website will have a highly responsive map and lead-gen solution.

3D Mapping

Share Your Community’s Story with Customized 3D Mapping for Buildings & Other Structures.

Communities aren’t flat. That’s why Xplorer brings them to life with custom 3D buildings that add depth and realism to the map experience. Xplorer transforms your community into a much more immersive visual experience for home buyers, business owners, and anyone interested in exploring what your community has to offer.

Use Xplorer to provide your homebuyers the ability to truly explore your community. In Xplorer, you can easily layer in 3D Buildings and custom shapes, colors, and branding to support your business. The following are just a few of the additional features our Xplorer customers also enjoy:

  • Highly responsive map navigation, on any device.
  • High-res satellite imagery and dramatic topography.
  • Fully integrated distance and driving directions.
  • Seamless Google Streetview functionality.
  • Rich media (photos, virtual tours, for points of interest).


Here Are a Few Reasons Why Our Customers Love Xplorer.


Tells Your Story

Real estate communities love using Xplorer to convey their story to future homebuyers. In addition to helping their customers understand and appreciate the community on a deeper level, it offers them a fast and elegant solution to explore your available homes, pre-built lots, community amenities, and nearby points-of-interest.


Elevated Customer Experience

Xplorer’s 3D mapping technology provides an unmatched shopping experience. Your clients will have the tools they need to make quicker, more informed decisions. By offering a user-friendly request form directly within our mapping application, Xplorer can drive higher quality leads for your best customers.


Performance & Support

We pride ourselves on customer service. Our support team is available by phone, chat, and email, 7 days a week. We guarantee a response from one of our customer service representatives in under 90 minutes. We also maintain an average issue-resolution time of under 12 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xplorer constrained by what data is available on Google and Apple?

The Xplorer was designed to be flexible and customer-centric. If you provide us the data, we can customize your Xplorer map to display anything you desire, even if that data is currently unavailable on Google or Apple.

Does Cecilian Partners help design the map?

Yes, we work with each of our clients to tailor the Xplorer so that it functions as an integrated element of their websites. Curious how? Let’s work through that together.

Can I save money if I’m already subscribed to the XO or Parcel IQ?

Yes, current customers can save money by subscribing to additional products and services.

Is an interactive map better than a static drawing?

Maps are how people shop for homes in today’s real estate market. From Zillow to, and countless other real estate portals, interactive maps are critically important to the home buying process. Real estate maps also provide shoppers with a real sense of “place.” Beyond interactive photo galleries and concept drawings, modern homebuyers expect fast, responsive maps to streamline their shopping experience. Our maps are modern, compelling, and can dramatically increase the dwell/engagement time of your website. For some of our clients, the map is their primary means for generating leads or educating buyers about their communities.

How long does it take to set up Xplorer?

It takes us about 6 weeks to get an Xplorer map up and running. However, most of that time goes to helping you prepare and refine your interactive map content. Placing the Xplorer map on your website is the easy part. Once it’s ready, it can publish to your website in less than an hour. We will provide clear directions and support to your web developer every step of the way.

What happens when we need to add or change something on the Xplorer map?

We make it easy (and free) to update the Xplorer map. Every client has access to a customer-portal where you can easily edit the contents, photos, and points-of-interest of your map. Our team is always ready to add neighborhoods, adjust colors, switch aesthetics, or anything else you may need. Best part? All our support services are included as part of the standard cost.

Can Xplorer work in the welcome center and the website?

Our real estate maps work seamlessly within our BrightDoor Touch solution but are also adaptable to any other technologies. They can also integrate with every website CMS or CRM platform in the market. Our maps are mobile-responsive to support any mobile/tablet device. Moreover, we can develop multiple versions of your Xplorer map to accommodate multiple device-types or use-cases, depending on your specific needs (i.e., website, welcome center, kiosks, etc.).

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Portable for any website CMS and CRM integration.

Whether your real estate website lives on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other closed or open-source software, the Xplorer map can easily be added to your digital storefront for an enhanced home shopping experience.

Xplorer Customers

The preferred real estate mapping solution for some of the leading brands in the industry.

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