Customer experience should be your focus. Just don’t forget about “the buy.”

Fun Stat: 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience – Oracle

No matter how good your marketing, branding, and service are, a difficult buying process will undercut every investment you make.

Amazon agreed, and they pioneered the 1-click buy. Make it as easy and fast as possible. But what does that mean for something like buying a home that is much more complex, expensive, and important than a toaster?

Buying a home shouldn’t be a nightmare. Here are three ways developers and home builders can improve it:

Be Transparent – customers want to know the process, the options, the pricing. No one likes feeling unsure, especially for something so important. Give your customer all the information they need at their fingertips – fewer websites, more information, and better visibility.

Simplify – services like RocketMortgage are already doing this. Find the things that complicate and slow the process down (like financing or architectural review), and make them easy and quick.

Walk the “help” tightrope – customers want self-service until they don’t. Enable the choice. Give customers access and the ability to do it on their own, but meet them with exceptional customer service at the right points to make the buy “special.”

Easy to say, harder to do. 

This requires unifying digital and physical touchpoints along with experiences, and represents a different way of engaging with a customer. You need data, technology, and the ability to bring together experiential and operational components seamlessly.

We can help. Cecilian Partners works with real estate developers and homebuilders to unify data, automate processes, and deliver remarkable customer experiences.

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