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RPG is an award winning developer, notable for their ambitious vision, exceptional design, innovation, and robust execution. But as the scale and challenge of developing two massive communities in DFW (Light Farms and Walsh) became clear, they knew they couldn’t deliver on the promise of these communities without technology. The XO solves two problems for RPG – it gives customers a clear way to understand and search the communities for homes, and it simplifies, centralizes, and automates inventory and builder management.

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How do you manage 20+ builders, 9000+ acres, and make it easy for customers to find homes from $200k to $3M+?

Walsh and Light Farms aren’t just subdivisions – they are legitimate towns that will grow and change for decades. The complexity is significant. At Walsh alone there are 15+ builders on interspersed lots, abiding by a 100+ page style book. Managing that quickly gets cumbersome (not too mention expensive).


Cecilian Partners worked closely with RPG to map out a truly bespoke solution for developers. Which processes took up the most time. Where builders had the biggest pain points. What was standing in the way of a seamless, modern customer experience.

When one problem was fixed (3D maps to see the community), the next problem (live inventory) was identified and solved. The XO became the solution from beginning to end, solving key customer experience issues by addressing the foundational operations issues that were leading to lack of visibility, long approval times, and uncertainty.


The XO is RPG’s core operations platform. Builders submit and get real-time answers to what can be built where, and how anti-monotony applies. The RPG team manages the ARC process in the platform, checking submissions, documents, and activity all in one place, and generating automated approval notices with the click of a button. The XO map is integrated with Active Campaign and Google Analytics, providing rich detail on high potential leads.

It also allows RPG to manage multiple communities in one consistent way. With the click of a button, Light Farms becomes Walsh and RPG can see data and take action through a consistent and easy to use interface. Financial partners can understand key facts. HOA partners get alerts and have access to key resident data as new people move in. It simplifies an impossible task.

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Business Outcomes

Faster and cheaper operations - exceptionally engaging customer experience.

The XO has met the challenge. It’s reduced time spent on manual activities (like reviews and reporting) by 80%, saving more than $200k a year. Faster approvals mean reduced sales cycle time for builders. And the maps are driving exceptional online engagement (75% of all web visitors use the map and spend 3-4 min on it) and high quality leads (100+ per month).


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