Empowering Communities with Customer Blueprint™

  • Engage Residents Effectively.
  • Drive Resident Satisfaction & Loyalty.
  • Customizable White-Label Solution.
  • Seamless Content Administration.

Resident Engagement App

Resident Engagement Features of Customer Blueprint™

Unleash the power of connectivity in your community with our innovative suite of resident engagement features. Our mobile app and website, fully responsive and available on iOS and Android, offer a comprehensive range of functions such as event confirmation, facility reservation, maintenance requests, and contact capabilities for utility providers. Our interfaces, customizable for each community, enable residents to engage and interact effortlessly, fostering a strong sense of unity and community spirit.

White-Label Community Management Software

White-Label Customization for Every Community.

Customer Blueprint™ isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand the unique identity of every community and offer full white-label customization. This ensures brand consistency while providing the flexibility to switch on or off any feature based on your community’s specific needs or desires. Our goal is to create a platform that truly reflects your community, enhancing the user experience and driving resident satisfaction.

Community Management CMS

The Customer Blueprint™ Hub: Administrative Powerhouse for Supporting Your Residents.

Behind the intuitive front-end platform lies our powerful backend platform – The Customer Blueprint™ Hub. This dual CMS and CRM tool enables administrators to configure all content features while effortlessly managing detailed user profiles. Gain insights into resident interactions, interests, satisfaction levels, and more. With the Hub, you have the power to control and modify content across both the website and mobile app, ensuring consistent, timely, and relevant communication with residents.

Why Customer Blueprint™?

Here are a few reasons why our customers love Customer Blueprint™.


Enhanced Resident Engagement:

With Customer Blueprint™, communities are experiencing an upsurge in resident interaction and engagement. The platform’s multifunctional features make it an indispensable tool for day-to-day interactions and community involvement.


Unique Customization:

Our white-label solutions allow every community to tailor the platform to reflect their unique identity and needs. This customization capability, coupled with our responsive support team, makes Customer Blueprint™ a favorite among community administrators.


Seamless Administration:

The Customer Blueprint™ Hub revolutionizes community administration. Its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities make managing content and understanding residents’ behaviors a breeze, allowing efficient and effective decision-making.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Customer Blueprint™ drive resident engagement?

Our community management platform offers a wide range of features, from event confirmations and facility reservations to maintenance requests and payment, all designed to foster engagement and connection within the community. By making these features easily accessible through a smartphone, tablet, or PC, Customer Blueprint™ enables residents to stay connected and participate actively in their community.

Is Customer Blueprint™ compatible with both iOS and Android?

Yes, the Customer Blueprint™ app is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring all your residents can access it, irrespective of their device preference.

What is Community Management Software?

Community Management Software is a technology solution designed to simplify the management and organization of residential communities, such as condominiums, housing associations, and master-planned communities. These software tools provide a platform for managing various tasks related to the operation of a residential community.

The capabilities of community management software can vary, but they typically include features for managing residents’ data, processing payments (like Homeowners Association fees), scheduling maintenance requests, and managing community amenities. Some advanced community management software platforms, like Customer Blueprint™, also provide engagement tools to foster a sense of community among residents, including event management, integrated communications, a loyalty rewards program, and more.

These software solutions can also offer administrative tools for community managers and staff, including comprehensive resident profiles, hierarchical administration, inventory management, and marketing communication tools. Additionally, modern community management software solutions often provide integration capabilities with various third-party services and applications, enhancing their functionality and making them a more comprehensive solution for managing the complexities of a residential community.

Can the Customer Blueprint™ platform be branded to match my community's identity?

Yes, Customer Blueprint™ offers full white-label customization to match your community’s unique brand and identity.

How does the Customer Blueprint™ Hub benefit community administrators?

The Hub is a comprehensive back-end platform that allows administrators to manage all content features and announcements on the community management app and website. It also lets administrators view and engage with user profiles, providing valuable insights into residents’ interests and interactions.

Can I control which features are available to my community?

Absolutely. Customer Blueprint™ is designed to be flexible. Features and sections can be turned on or off depending on the exact requirements of a particular community.


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Connecting to a Comprehensive Lifestyle Network.

Customer Blueprint™ is built to integrate seamlessly with numerous lifestyle platforms and services, establishing a centralized hub for all your community management needs. Our integrations span various categories, enhancing your ability to create a single customer profile, manage operational & financial data, and facilitate community engagement.

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