Brightdoor Touch

Dedicated Real Estate Touch Screen Software

  • Interactive Map Exploration.
  • Lead Registration and Routing.
  • Integrated Digital Signage.
  • Email Products Using eShare.

Touch Screen Software for Real Estate

Touch-Centric Navigation Tailored for the Modern Homebuyer.

Property developers and builders use BrightDoor Touch to tell their community’s story. They use it to highlight key amenities within their communities while generating leads by allowing their homebuyers to interactively browse their properties.

Our touchscreen software is simple to use and easy to set up. In no time, your sales team can use it to provide homebuyers with all the information they need to explore your community.

Be it for your model home or welcome-center kiosk, we’re happy to assist you on your hardware, millwork, and installation requirements for a fuller turnkey solution.

Real Estate Marketing Solution

Eliminate the 3x5 Notecards with Digital Registration.

BrightDoor Touch offers a more secure and effective method for capturing leads. By eliminating the manual process of collecting customer data, your sales and marketing teams can focus on delivering a great showroom experience.

Using our soft keyboard registration, your customers can have product information emailed directly to them, eliminating the need to ask for their handwritten contact information. For data storage, you can sync all your captured leads from BrightDoor Touch to your CRM or marketing platform of choice.

Digital Real Estate Signage

Integrated Implementations for the Modern Welcome Center.

BrightDoor Touch was designed for the modern welcome center and real estate sales experience. For new community developments, our software lets you present your illustrations, renderings, and 3D content for “vision” selling. As your project matures, you can layer in greater details, property photographs, video tours, and more.

BrightDoor Touch is compatible with most touch-enabled mobile devices, including the iPad and Microsoft Surface. When you aren’t actively using your touch screens, BrightDoor Touch can also revert to “digital signage” mode to showcase your best photography, video, and marketing content.

Why BrightDoor Touch?

Here are a few reasons why our customers love BrightDoor Touch.


Easy to Capture Leads & Share Information

BrightDoor Touch transforms how you disseminate critical sales information to your customers. Using a touch screen interface, homebuyers can submit lead forms directly to your CRM. Our system streamlines this process, making it incredibly simple to find and connect with your prospective homebuyers from that point forward.


Sell Both Product & Place

BrightDoor touch gives your customers the ability to explore your community in an engaging way. Through rich photography, video tours, and 3D renderings, you can tell your community’s unique story using our platform.


Performance & Support

We pride ourselves on customer service. Our support team is available by phone, chat, and email, 7 days a week. We guarantee a response from one of our customer service representatives in under 90 minutes. We also maintain an average issue-resolution time of under 12 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up BrightDoor Touch?

The onboarding process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. We will use all your available marketing assets to build a custom BrightDoor Touch experience for your community. From there, we iterate and refine the experience. Since we have multiple templates, this process has become much faster and simpler for many of our customers.

What are the hardware requirements?

The minimum hardware requirement for BrightDoor touch is a touchscreen device. This can be an iPad, a Microsoft Surface, or any sizeable touch-enabled device. If you’re interested in leveraging our technology for a larger digital installation or kiosk, we can also help you source and install your hardware. These types of larger digital applications, however, are not necessary for leveraging our software.

How is this any better than a responsive website?

BrightDoor Touch is a highly visual application, specifically designed for an actual in-person experience. Most websites use heavier copy and more-detailed menu options which makes them more ideal for solo exploration. However, they’re much less suitable or bespoke for the kinds of guided experiences you wish to foster inside of a welcome center or sales meeting.

Can you create multiple versions or instances of BrightDoor Touch for specific locations or model homes?

Yes. We can create custom versions of BrightDoor Touch that will only run in specific locations or that will only display certain information. For example, we can build a version to only be used inside of a builder model that only showcases information that is relevant to that builder. This flexibility allows us to provide our customers a seamless, brand-right experience across multiple touchpoints.

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Auto-Update Your Properties with MLS, BDX, and Builder Feeds

BrightDoor Touch eliminates the need to update your real estate properties manually. Your local MLS and BDX connect directly to BrightDoor Touch to automatically update your properties with the most up-to-date information.

BrightDoor Touch Customers

The preferred touch screen marketing solution for some of the leading brands in real estate.

Babcock Ranch
Lake Nona
DI Development
Greenbrier Sporting Club
Talis Park


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