ULI Fall Meeting 2019

New Thinking. Delivered.

Cecilian Partners will be speaking on two community development council (CDC) panels at the ULI conference.


John Cecilian, Jr.

CEO & Founding Partner

John Cecilian will be speaking on the CDC Gold panel session “Putting the Consumer in the Driver Seat: Three disruptive technologies that will change the way communities and homes are developed, marketed, bought, sold, and consumed TODAY.”

John will be discussing the importance of customer experience and why technology alone is simply not enough, “The focus must be on bringing together all stakeholders involved in the customer journey to ensure it is frictionless and authentic in every way.”


Phil Worland

CSO & Founding Partner

Phil Worland will be speaking on the CDC Green panel session “Leveraging Technology to Elevate Customer Experience, Operations, and Decision Making.”

Phil’s focus centers on the blurring lines between technology and business strategy, and how fast companies need to move to keep up. ”Technology is already fundamentally changing every element of real estate, and to keep up we’ve got to start thinking about tech not as a tool but as an integral part of the business.”