The XO

A bespoke real estate software that provides a single platform.

The XO unifies the community developer and home builders experience (X) with operations (O) data. Creating a transformative experience for your stakeholders and customers.

Built by developers for developers.

Do more. With less.

Our technology was built to save you and your team time and money.

Centralize Your Data

You are building one community so why should your data live in ten different places? Our technology helps you organize everything from master plans to sales reports to customer demographics all in one secure place. Now that is efficient.

Streamlined Sales Process

Let’s face it, managing the sales process can be difficult. That is why our technology helps you take charge. Approve architectural reviews, provide real-time lot availability to builders, and even manage the community repetition rules all in one place.

Visualize Your Community

Spreadsheets are great, for some things, but there is no substitute for a great visual. This is where our 3D maps come in handy. They are an easy way to see what is going on in your community at any given time. You can access different views with a variety of preset filters.

Gain Efficiencies

Time is money, so we have built a technology that helps your team focus on the things that matter. The platform will help you coordinate sales, manage builder relationships, and view on-demand reports. Tasks that took hours before, now only take minutes.

Generate More Leads

You can never have enough leads and we tend to agree. Whether you are capturing leads on your community website with our customer facing 3D maps or at welcome center with our kiosk solution, we help you capture more qualified leads than ever before.

Connect Everything

Technology does not operate in a vacuum. You already use software to run your business every day. Our platform has been built with that in mind from day one. Connect everything with our open API structure.

Many features.

One platform.

Curb Appeal

Keep track of complex repetition rules within your community. Let builders and customers know exactly what architectural style and elevation can be built where.

Ground Plan

Our responsive 3D maps bring your community to life for your team, your builders, and your customers. Immediately see open lots, spec homes, and all of your amenities in one place.


What gets measured, gets managed. Now it is easier than ever to see all of your business metrics in one place with our world-class business intelligence tool. Make smarter decisions, faster.

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