Your business is unique. Our solutions reflect that.

Customer Experience

We help you understand what is a good experience, measure how you are doing today, identify where it needs to be improved, and craft a vision for the future that transforms how you interact with customers.

Human Capital

We draw on retail-based innovation and best practices to make sure you have the right talent, training, and process to consistently deliver a remarkable experience and build a modern team of associates who can create a frictionless journey for your customers.

Technology & Data

Going digital requires more than just buying the tech. We help you understand your current set of technologies, tailor a strategy for how to use them together to enable your business, and design the right process to get the most of your data and tech investments.

What’s ours is yours

We’ve invested in a set of proprietary assets to accelerate your goals.

Customer Blueprint ™

An end-to-end framework for how to engage your customer across digital and physical touch points throughout the buying journey and beyond.

CX Metric Scorecard

Set of key metrics and methodologies for measuring CX, identifying key actions, and tracking change.

XO Data Matrix

Framework for understanding what data you should have, what data you could have, and what data you do have across experience and operations.

Total Customer Engagement Score

A proprietary, modernized method of secret shopping that provides deep insight into current state of the digital, physical, and interpersonal experience.

Ceremonial Selling Index

Set of frameworks, approaches, and assets, drawing on best practices from retail and other industries, designed to facilitate a “boot camp” for sales teams, focused on talent evaluation, steps of service, and brand excellence.


Mapping of disruptive technologies to key points in the customer journey, to help know where to invest, what to buy, and how to implement.

News & Insight

We think, therefore, we write.

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