What principles guide our work?

We orient everything we do around the customer.

Customer Centric

We believe successful businesses orient everything they do around repeatedly and consistently delighting their customers. Every product, service, and decision must drive a powerful customer outcome, and that framing underpins every piece of work that we do.

Cross Industry

Blurring industry lines and liquid customer expectations mean “how we’ve always done it” isn’t good enough. We look outside traditional industry lines and take the best of what’s happening in retail, technology, travel & hospitality, and make it relevant for real estate.


We test critical assumptions, prove value, learn from failure, and iteratively design and adjust so when we implement and scale, it’s done with confidence founded on evidence (and probably materially different from our original plan).

What's it like to work with us?

Your success is our success. That’s how we work, and what you should expect.


There is no Cecilian “black box” – we work with you to get the right answer, sitting together to co-create the solution and plan the journey, setting the foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership.


We distill visionary strategy into meaningful, pragmatic recommendations for action. If you can’t put it into action, we consider it a failure. We make sure you get far more than powerpoints and good ideas, we build partnerships based on realized success.

Value Focused

We never lose sight of business value. Whether that’s a long term strategic play that requires investment, short-term cash, or a fundamentally new business model, we work to understand what you value and index our work around achieving those goals.

News & Insight

We think, therefore, we write.

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