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Advanced Land Management Software and Data Studio

  • Easily Adaptable Platform.
  • Executive Data Suite.
  • Flexible Reporting and Analysis.
  • Seamless Accounting System Integration.

Real Estate Inventory Management

Manage Lots, Not Spreadsheets.

Parcel IQ eliminates the use of massive, overly complicated spreadsheets to manage, update, and report on community lots and properties. Spreadsheets are inefficient and fraught with issues. They can break, become corrupted, and are subject to multiple security risks. They are also prone to human error, which can lead to inaccurate reporting and wasted time or money.

Property developers can use Parcel IQ to manage and monitor their lot data on a secure virtual platform that simplifies and auto-updates information for each of their lots by connecting with their accounting systems or any other systems where lot data is subject to change. By storing your data securely in the cloud, your whole team can access your lot information from one central source of truth.

Lot Management System

Fully Customizable Lot Data

There’s never been a better way to track lot takedowns and manage your entire property development process from start to finish. Parcel IQ is incredibly flexible and highly customizable.

From accounting codes and lot prices to origination dates and interest calculations, we will configure your Parcel IQ dashboard with as many custom fields as you require. We will also optimize your dashboard so that it’s simple, intuitive, and directly addresses your specified needs.

Parcel IQ is also powerful, so you are free to add as many custom fields and status designations you need to monitor your properties to their most finite details.

Land Parcel Management & Reporting

Easily Connect and Report on Your Lot Data

Parcel IQ connects with your accounting systems to pull the most accurate real-time insights into your data studio, significantly improving your analysis and reporting process. Since all your lot data lives in one place, all it requires to run a custom report is for you to select your desired data points and Parcel IQ will take care of the rest.

Our open API infrastructure allows you to connect your accounting systems directly to Parcel IQ, enabling you to see every relevant data point regarding your lot. In addition, the entirety of the data stored in Parcel IQ can be easily exported into a CSV or Excel file, allowing for flexible report sharing and deeper data analysis.

Why Parcel IQ?

Here are a few reasons why our customers love Parcel IQ.


Save Time & Money

Parcel IQ transforms how our clients can process and share information. By eliminating a host of manual processes, community developers can reduce the types of reporting errors that can lead to immeasurable savings of time and money.


Connects Their Systems

Parcel IQ connects directly to accounting systems, ERPs, and the XO. By ensuring all their data is in one secure centralized location, our clients feel confidence in the accuracy of their lot data (i.e., prices, accounting codes, billing, etc.).


Performance & Support

We pride ourselves on customer service. Our support team is available by phone, chat, and email, 7 days a week. We guarantee a response from one of our customer service representatives in under 90 minutes. We also maintain an average issue-resolution time of under 12 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the users? Can I manage permissions or grant different levels of access?

Parcel IQ is designed for the teams that manage lots before builders even take them down, and It’s typically used by the land development, finance, and billing teams.

Parcel IQ is fully configurable, so developers can set user permissions to control who can access information, change information, or take actions. This is all part of the core onboarding process we go through with each client in a highly unique way.

Can it be connected to my accounting, financial, and project management systems?

Parcel IQ is purposely built on an open API infrastructure so you can easily integrate it with a wide host of other third-party systems. You can easily connect with your core accounting, financial, and ERP systems, such as JDEdwards, Sage 300, and Quickbooks. We can also build and customize integrations with hundreds of other systems during our onboarding process. Part of our core ethos is “no more data silos,” and we will stive to promote this ethos within your organization, no matter what systems you use.

Can it manage builder contracts and takedown schedules?

We will train every new home builder that joins the team throughout the life of your entire development project. As part of our ongoing support, we will proactively set up 1-on-1 training sessions with new users and builders at no additional cost. Furthermore, we are always available to answer questions or provide refresher courses for current team members and departments.

Does Parcel IQ work without the XO?

Although Parcel IQ was designed to be part of the full XO suite of developer tools, it can definitely be used on its own. With or without the XO, Parcel IQ works as a dedicated lot management tool with fully built-in automation and integrations capabilities.

How customizable is Parcel IQ to my specific process?

The Parcel IQ is infinitely customizable. We know every property developer does lot management differently – different fees, interest rates, and status designations. Everything in Parcel IQ can be adapted to your specific needs and business processes.

Can I save money if I’m already subscribed to the XO or Xplorer?

Yes, current customers can save money by subscribing to additional products and services.

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Seamless integration with hundreds of accounting systems

Parcel IQ is built on an open API infrastructure so you can easily integrate it with a wide host of other third-party systems. We’ve already established integrations with systems like DocuSign, Tableau, and NetSuite, but we can also connect your Parcel IQ dashboard to any open data system of your choosing.

Parcel IQ Customers

Leading real estate developers rely on Parcel IQ for lot management and reporting.

Southstar Communities
PMB Capital Investments
Signorelli Company
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Larry H Miller Real Estate

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